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Phil Lutzak




A Little Biography


  Hello from Phil Lutzak. I live in Brooklyn, New York. Iíve been fascinated with weather since I was very young. My original neighborhood in Queens, New York (near JFK airport) was heavily damaged by Hurricane Donna when I was young. This storm caused a lot of structural damage, destroying houses, snapping large trees in half and downing power lines & street signs everywhere. Being very young, I was amazed that a storm could do this kind of damage in a place that doesn't see many hurricanes. It impressed me so strongly that I started reading any book that I could find about hurricanes, and eventually I sought out more books to understand the meteorology that these hurricane books covered. Ever since, my fascination for anything weather-related, and my desire to understand it, has just continued to grow.



  I graduated from Penn State's Weather Forecasting Program in May 2007. The highlights of my course work are available in the links to the left, as well as other projects I've taken on to improve my knowledge of the atmosphere. Click on the links to see what I've accomplished so far. Thanks for checking out my site.


 If you'd like, you can contact me at